Information about Musicbirds


Musicbirds is a community of harpists for harpists! 

Have you ever...

*urgently needed a harp?

*had difficulties finding a harp for a concert far away from home?

*had to find a harp abroad for a tour?

*had to give up a project because you could not find an instrument? 

*given your family or friends nightmares because of the harp logistic?

*tried to travel on a train with your harp? Tried to take a plane with your harp?

*been tired of being a harpist because it's so much more challenging to move than other instruments? (Who hasn't heard "you should have played the flute !")

*wanted to rent a harp for a long-time period but could not find any?

*needed a harp for another reason?

Then you are at the right place! Trust me, I am myself a harpist who plays three different kinds of harps, and I totally get it. Let's build together a place where we can trust other harpists and find and rent harps more easily. Let the music bring us together!

Musicbirds is a place where you can book harps when and where you need them. For a short or a long time. It has been created to help YOU, harpists, look for harps in one place, travel more easily, and find a harp in a minute no matter why you need it.

You can also put online instruments you are willing to share with other people, just for a few days or permanently. There are just so many harpists in the world, you should be able to find what you are looking for!

About me: Claire, freelance French harpist currently based in Munich, Germany. I play the concert harp, baroque harp, and also the celtic harp. In the past, I sometimes had to cancel projects because I could not find a harp or take mine and was really sad and frustrated about it. That's why I've created Musicbirds, and I hope that you will be as enthusiastic as I am!